Rūta KārkliņaLatvian language teacher

She has studied at the Latvian State University, Faculty of History and Philology, obtaining Latvian language and literature specialist qualification.

Latvian Academy of Culture, working for her Master Course at the Faculty of Culture Theory and Management.

Work experience:

“I have been working as a teacher for 42 years. Why? I think that the teacher’s profession is similar to the position of gardener: you seed, you water and you experience the fruits of your work… they are different because the weather conditions also tend to be different…

I like the fact that I learn together with my students. During my classes I use both the latest technology and good, old ways of working as well. I am happy to teach the Latvian language to foreigners (Russian and English-speaking ones), because that is how you can introduce them to the Latvian culture and history.

I am proud to teach one of the oldest languages of the world – the Latvian language! Rūta”