Beijing (China)

Chinese school in Beijing offers courses in a natural, laidback environment, providing you with the perfect base to experience the fascinating culture and traditions of China for yourself. The inhabitants of Beijing speak Putonghua (Mandarin) and they are traditionally very warm and communicative.

Chinese courses are diverse and they offer something suitable for everyone; whether you are interested in a 2-week language course during the summer holidays or a long-term course, you will find the right course in Beijing and, after just a short while, you’ll be able to use your new language skills to talk to your fellow language students as well as locals.

In addition to Chinese language classes, we also offer courses in which you can learn the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi or Chinese painting. These courses are a perfect way to learn more about Chinese culture and practices so why not take one of these alongside your language course to get an even deeper understanding of Chinese traditions? There are also a multitude of other activities and places of interest in the city which you can enjoy during your time in Beijing!

Why take one of Chinese courses in Beijing?

Study abroad programs in Beijing are great cultural experiences: you have the chance to learn Chinese from qualified, native speakers whilst discovering one of the most exciting, contrasting cities in the world. The courses take place very close to the fascinating Forbidden City, which you can explore in your spare time, as well as the many other fascinating sites that Beijing is famous for. A Chinese course in Beijing is an investment in your future, too, and taking one gives you the opportunity to visit unique places, discover new cultures, and make new friends. Find out for yourself the many benefits of taking one of Chinese courses in Beijing!