Devon (England)

Whether you prefer to spend your days engaging in intensive English courses or if relaxed English classes for beginners are your preference, Devon holds the key to a truly memorable learning experience. The variety of pastimes range from shopping trips to scuba diving excursions or laid back sun downers overlooking the bay. The warm sun glistening over the green, lush grassland provides avid nature lovers the chance to explore the countryside all the while experimenting with their newly acquired skills with the locals.

Devon at a Glance

There are few learning environments that harness nature’s wonders with a uniquely British culture while teaching students from a variety of backgrounds the English language. This relaxed and stress-free learning experience promotes an informal language acquisition process that allows you to effortlessly learn English from scratch or improve an existing skill. With school located in the heart of Exmouth the teaching takes on a laid back tone, allowing you to experience the beauty of the town while learning the day to day language used among locals and tourists alike.

With nature’s beauty a mere stroll away, Devon, England proves to be the perfect learning environment and travel destination. Devon provides every student with a quintessentially British experience with the sandy beaches, rugged limestone cliffs and lush moorland set as the picturesque backdrop for an unforgettable learning and travel experience. The abundance of natural beauty and the wealth of culture capture students from the moment they join the School family.

Devon’s Natural Splendor

The typical English culture is pronounced and notoriously inviting for every tourist. The friendly locals are always eager to share their pride and joy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Exmouth’s 3km long sandy beaches, a stone’s throw away from the classrooms. With endless sightseeing opportunities, nature hikes, and an abundance of water sports and cultural excursions the quaint English coastal town will have a little something for you to do, for every mood and no matter what your particular interests are.

Accommodation Options

The relaxed learning environment and host families will allow you to revel in a home away from home feeling with friendly and engaging community members eager to share their homes with you, encouraging a love for a truly remarkable town to prosper.

Why Choose to Learn English in Devon?

With something on offer for young and older travellers alike and an atmosphere unlike any other, students can experience a learning opportunity and achieve all their language goals with motivated, personalised and relaxed course leaders. Along with ample free time to explore the wonders of Devon you will be afforded the opportunity to practise your newly-acquired skills at every corner with locals who will make you feel welcome and at home in a remarkable town.

Enjoy classes for every language level with softly crashing waves and a soothing coastal breeze allowing the town of Exmouth to assail your senses throughout this unique language experience.