London (England)

One location that is synonymous with the English language is undoubtedly England’s capital city – London. With culture embedded in every black cab, double-decker bus and the world renowned red telephone boxes London has a vibe that has to be experienced by everyone at least once in their lives. From the regal presence that embraces you as you walk along the buzzing city streets to the historical, gilded architecture that catches your eye, no tourist will ever leave London unchanged. With the abundance of nationalities that walk the London streets a new language will be heard daily, leaving everybody with a sense of home and belonging in one of the world’s most spoken about cities.

From museums to special art exhibitions as well as iconic landmarks, London has an abundance of sights to behold to not only afford students the opportunity to experience London in its finest but to experiment with newly acquired English skills in a relaxed and spontaneous environment.

The school is situated in the heart of Ealing, a typical English suburb. In a Victorian style building the school holds the typical British charm that one envisions when imagining Britain. The area surrounding the school boasts the busy bustle of daily city life with a quiet distance to allow you to relax, unwind and reflect on the day’s lessons as well as the excitement of your explorations. Enjoy a quintessential speciality in one of London’s many English pubs and restaurants or simply spend a little while interacting with a host family to gain the ultimate level of language practise in an informal atmosphere.

London’s history and culture is woven into every detail of the experience making for an effortless learning opportunity. This allows students to make the natural transition from tourist to an extended member of the British family. Between interactions with fellow students, tourists from the world over, host families and members of the school community aim is to allow your knowledge of the language and the surrounding communities to grow.

Language courses and unforgettable memories

Language course can only be described as a language and travel experience with endless memories to be made. Explore the renowned landmarks or view London in all its panoramic glory from the London Eye whilst testing out your latest knowledge of the English language. Whether you are interested in the natural beauty found in the lush green parks, or along the banks of the River Thames or with the iconic architecture of Tower Bridge you have the freedom to explore and engage in the overall culture of London.

Allow London to become a part of your heart as you learn a life-long skill and embrace the historical beauty of the capital city while immersing yourself in the modern and enthralling atmosphere that sizzles in the crisp London air.

Language school in London is accredited by the British Council and English UK.