Victoria (Canada)

Founded in 1843, Victoria is Western Canada’s oldest city and has a rich history that spans through the decades. The city takes its name from Queen Victoria and is British Columbia’s capital city with a number of tourist attractions and serene landscapes. This multicultural city is home to Canada’s western naval base and has a major manufacturing presence in the area. The area is known for being very industrious with a number of employment opportunities within the manufacturing sector.

While the city is known for its unique history and industrial presence the wealth of natural beauty and tourist attractions have kept Victoria as one of the top travel destinations in Canada. The lush greenery on every corner and the friendly locals create a welcoming atmosphere that leaves tourists with a sense of home no matter where they come from.

The city of Victoria is the perfect combination of exquisite natural beauty and a rich historical presence. This unique blend of nature and culture provides the perfect backdrop for an English language course. At school in Victoria are a range of courses to suit every student’s needs. From standard language courses to intensive courses, one-on-one private courses as well as business lessons, they offer a course that will meet every student’s language goals in the time frame they decide.

With ample time to explore the region students will be provided with endless opportunities to experiment with their newly acquired language skills. The area boasts something for everyone from historic attractions to art galleries and natural sights. With so much to see and do in the area students will never be short of activities and opportunities to practise their English with fellow students or friendly locals.

Why take an English Language Course in Victoria?

School in Victoria invites students from all over the world to experience the Canadian Culture while learning a lifelong language skill. The city of Victoria is the ideal destination for students to learn the English language and immerse themselves in the culture of the locals. The city offers students the opportunity to enjoy the scenery, absorb the language and explore the historic wonders all the while creating unforgettable memories and lasting friendships with people who shared the journey with them.