Malaga (Spain)

Malaga is one of the most popular holiday destinations on Spain’s Costa del Sol, with its gloriously sunny climate and welcoming atmosphere. On the south of the Iberian Peninsula, the city of Malaga boasts an inviting warm summer all year round with breathtaking scenery and a unique culture. There is no better destination to learn the Spanish language than on this holiday paradise in Spain.

The city not only boasts awe-inspiring beauty and charm, but it also holds an abundance of cultural attractions, from the famous white villages to the architectural wonders of the historic buildings in the city itself. Take an afternoon to explore the city’s shop-lined streets or indulge in a local specialty in one of the trendy cafes.

School in Malaga offers a range of courses to suit every student’s language needs. Choose from standard, intensive, one-on-one or academic courses and learn Spanish in this exquisite laidback environment. While exploring this subtropical nirvana, students are encouraged to absorb the culture and the language while experimenting with their Spanish knowledge with friendly locals and fellow students.

Why take a Spanish Course in Malaga?

Spanish course in the charming Andalusian city of Malaga offers students the opportunity to learn a lifelong language skill, while immersing them in this unique culture. Allow the capital of the Costa del Sol to share its fascinating story, while studying the romantic Spanish language. Take a Spanish course while exploring the wonders of the city. From culture to cuisine and colourful nightlife, Malaga has everything one could ask for in a language and travel destination.